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Hi! My name is Nikki and I've been working in the wedding industry in several facets for multiple years, from social media management, executive assisting, bartending, catering and graphic design! I have worked with and for multiple vendors in the industry helping them create content for their businesses, as well as my own & quickly fell in love with weddings!

When looking into the options for capturing my wedding day upon my engagement, I realized that my vision and budget for how I wanted my day captured didn't align with the offerings in my area.  I dreamed of hiring someone who could create video and photo content for my wedding that I could access right away & wasn't posed or filtered, but still captured all of the fun, emotional and intimate  moments of my day. Unfortunately, there was no such service at the time of my wedding, and my biggest regret is not having those memories to look back on.

montana wedding content creator
montana wedding content creator

It was after this experience that I realized this huge gap in the local wedding industry.  I wanted to help others avoid any memories being lost! Thus, Keep Candid was born!


I believe the value wedding content creation brings is phenomenal, and while I know how  important professional photography and videography is & that content creation by no means replaces them, this service has it's own incredible ability to be ensure your love story is captured from every point of view, angle & in-between moment, to be treasured forever.

I have loved being part of the wedding industry and am so excited every time I am part of someone's special day. I look forward to capturing thousands upon thousands of memories for years to come, and I can't wait to work with you!

                     xoxo - nikki 

Things I love...

capturing memories

sf iced white chocolate lattes

cozying up with a good book

my 3 cats: Rune, Bumi & Ohra

thrift & antique shopping 

montana wedding content creator

watching reality TV 

montana wedding content creator
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